Throwback Track Talk – Clipping from an old 1989 District 14 paper that shows the 63rd Annual Jackpine Enduro.

John Bombyk featured in the upper right hand corner aboard an ATK branded bike and outfitted with one of the safest helmet designs ever made. The open face structure promotes the use of the superior protection of a goggle /facemask combo. It should also be noted that this helmet Bell Mag 4 had innovative air intake ports that could even be plugged for cold weather.

Not sure when the ICO odometers came out, seems like around this era? Not that I am super ancient (well – maybe I am part way there?), but I remember just a watch and getting odometer info off of the hand written arrows stapled to the trees. If you were the one that used to hand write the mileage on the arrows back in the day, thank you for your service, what a chore that must have been. If you were the one with bad handwriting, not sure there is much thanks to offer!

Must have been a year of legends, many names on this paper that have truly left a legacy within our favorite sport. Too many to list, but I should note one of the coolest team names ever “Kool Jerks” scored a second in the A Teams. Other notable names for teams include (Team Picnic, Obsolete, Terrible).

Also note the singled out “4 Stroke” classes.. what a change in times. I never understood the attraction to 4-strokes in that era, definitely not their finest times – maybe they were cheaper like 2 strokes are these days?

Hope you can enjoy this clipping.