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    Dirt Rider Magazine

    Ricky Johnson wearing our jersey lettering!

    One of our most outstanding moments, Ricky Johnson “The Bad Boy” with our lettering!


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    About MyRaceNumber

    Since 2005, my wife and I have been making custom motocross jerseys, hoodies and t-shirts for thousands of racers across the world.  It all started at Baja Acres after a Wednesday night practice in Michigan after loading up my 2001 KX125 into the back of my old Ford pickup truck.  I peeled the graphic off of my front number plate, had no where to set it down – so I decided just to stick the big black decal with “MyRaceNumber” 834 on the back window (see photo below).  My friends were watching me and laughed, then I turned to them and said “Hey, That’s MyRaceNumber!”….

    On my ride home, I began thinking about the decal with my race number on the back window and how it would no doubt be a hit to sell this idea online to customers and racers everywhere.  Remember, this was 12 years ago, the infant stage of online custom shirt designers and even buying parts online.  The idea was not the first to letter a jersey, the idea was the first to do it online!  Pick a design, choose a shirt, customize it with your name and number dynamically, not just an order form.

    After the excitement of the idea, I began to explore how to begin such a venture.  Fortunately, my 9-5 profession was related to making products and designing manufacturing processes to make them as a Manufacturing Process Engineer.  I also had the good fortune to have the support of a great friend #607 that helped bring this idea to life.

    Next, I called Dirt Rider magazine.  Told them about this idea, asked them how much an ad would be as I had no idea on how to do this.  They transferred me to an outstanding dude, Pete Peterson who I still talk to on occasion to this day and can’t thank them enough because they really helped kick it off.  I explained to him the idea and he responded with “That is a great idea, Jon – this would be a great product add for our Christmas Gift Guide!”…. I was stoked, hung up the phone and yelled something out loud, some cry of ridiculous excitement, and got to work on the website, buying equipment and preparing to provide a great product to the racing community.

    Months later, the Dirt Rider ad hit the stands, the website was ready and we watched everyday for the first order to come through.  Just like, the commercials, it was like fireworks, watching the orders come in… more cries of joy and no doubt moments of fear on how to do this.

    We launched a website with just the ability to customize shirts first, for Mom’s, Infants, Dad’s, etc…  Started in a spare room of my house, then to the basement, then we got our first brick and mortar store in Lennon, Michigan.  Nothing pretty, but we had space and the rent was just $250 bucks a month for 3000 sq ft!

    Next, we went after motocross jersey lettering.  Built the site to hold brand names, One Industries, Answer, MSR, Troy Lee, and the list goes on.  We were the first website to offer choosing a brand name jersey and get it lettered up.  One industries caught on and started to do it themselves and many others..not mentioning names here but the biggest stores on the internet that do it now, got it from us and to this day they still try to match our pricing!  Tough to compete with these million dollar companies head-to-head, but we have Quality and Passion and who can compete with that?  Just my wife and I with a small crew to build your jerseys for you and personal items.

    We grew, and so did our family.  4 kids later, we decided to sell it.  I could not balance my 9-5 and just count on my wife to run it with 4 kids in the background screaming while taking orders and pressing shirts.  It was overwhelming, we loved it, but our family came first, so we decided to let someone else give it a shot.

    Long story short, our kids are a bit older, my wife and I miss the business dearly and we bought it back!

    Some people may grimace at the thought of working with your wife, but my wife and I thrive on it.  I absolutely love working with her.  It is a very intimate and unique part of our relationship – not to mention she is a Pro at making jerseys.  Nobody in the world does it better and more accurate than she does… she catches all of my mistakes, trust me, she tells me about every single one!

    Anyhow, enough typing for awhile.  Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

    My wife Kelly and I would like to thank you for stopping by to visit our site.  I hope you can do business with us and trust us to do it right.  We are not perfect, but we try our hardest and love this sport.  Looking forward to the day my kids can help and maybe even take it over.

    If you have any questions or need something that we don’t offer, please give us a shout.

    We look forward to working with you for many many years!

    Kind and warmest regards,

    Jon & Kelly



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