Motocross may have started in the UK, but by the 1960s it was starting to plant its roots in America. Now, motocross is a sport that thousands of Americans participate in every year.

If you have a motocross team you will definitely want to get them some great looking team gear. Have you considered getting your racing team their very own custom motocross jerseys made?

Believe it or not, if you don’t have customized jerseys for your motocross team, you may be missing out on comfort, style, and camaraderie. 

Read on to learn the five major benefits of ordering custom motocross jerseys for your motocross team.


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1. Creating Uniformity

When you’re speeding around the track racing other teams, it can be difficult to tell who you’re next to, behind, or in front of. When everyone is wearing their own casual track wear, it’s next to impossible to determine who you should pass and who’s on your side.

By creating your own custom motocross jerseys, you’ll only have to glance around you to figure out where your teammates are. Not only can this boost your motivation and heighten your sense of camaraderie on the track, but it can also increase your safety, too. Knowing when to ease up and when to put the pedal to the medal is an important part of making it safely through any race.

2. Strengthening Team Identity

Have you ever heard of sports psychology? If not, we’re here to give you a quick overview of what sports psychology has to say about the importance of team identity.

We join a team not just because we love motocross but because team relationships boost our sense of belonging, purpose, and joy. When your team identity is strong, your teammates have a stronger desire to stay in the game and win. They also have a better way to cope with the losses–by leaning on their teammates for moral support.

Believe it or not, a huge part of creating team identity is in the look. When you and your motocross team all don matching jerseys, it puts you in that mindset that you’re not just one rider on the track. You’re part of something bigger, something more exciting, and something that is ultimately more rewarding.

3. Building Team Recognition

When you are looking to strengthen team identity, it’s not just about what you and your teammates see when you look at each other. It’s also about what your competitors see and what the fans in the stands see!

Building team recognition helps you to build a strong reputation. It gives your competitors something to think about and it gives your fans something to hold onto. You want people to recognize who you are and get excited about your matches–and you want them to show up every week and cheer you on!

By creating custom motocross jerseys for your team, you make it much easier for others to recognize you. Pretty soon, you may even find some of your fans asking for some team merchandise to wear when they’re attending your matches! Creating that professional look will give you that professional feel–and other people will take notice right away.

4. Increasing Comfort on the Track

Comfort is an important part of racing in order to maximize the experience on your bike. Your riders will feel more comfortable and will be less distracted during the race with getting them the getting the right race team gear. They may even spend the whole race wishing they could hop off their bike!

Motocross jerseys aren’t like any old jersey. They’re designed to stay close to the skin so they don’t get caught on your gear or caught up in the wind. They’re also designed to provide extra protection without causing you to overheat under the hot sun, a quality that requires the use of specific fabrics.

Plus, motocross jerseys don’t just up your comfort levels. They also up your safety.

Motocross jerseys are created from fabrics that are more resistant to abrasions than most fabrics. This helps protect your skin if you fall or get thrown from your bike during a race. Plus, motocross jerseys are always long-sleeved to add some additional UV protection. 

If you aren’t wearing a jersey designed specifically for motocross, you’re missing out on comfort and safety!

5. Choosing Your Own Distinct Team Look

It’s your motocross team, which means that how you want to represent yourselves should be up to you and your teammates. With our design process, you can choose from tons of colors, create numerous custom logos, and pack your jerseys with as much information–from the team name to each rider’s name–as you want to.

When it’s all said and done, you’re left with a jersey that’s totally unique to your team but has the look and feel of a professional motocross jersey.

Not sure where to begin with your design? Don’t sweat it! Our team of professional designers–who are no strangers to motocross, themselves–can step and help with the design process at any time. 

Don’t Miss Out On the Benefits of Custom Motocross Jerseys

So you’ve formed your own motocross team and you’re ready to get out on the track. Maybe you’ve already started racing, but you feel like something is missing. If you don’t have custom motocross jerseys yet, it’s time to change that!

We create custom motocross jerseys that will make you look and feel like a professional, internationally renowned motocross team. Want to get started on your own custom motocross jerseys? Contact us and tell us a little bit about your dream design so we can hook you up with a free quote!