Custom Racing Banner 13oz Vinyl

Starting at $12.00

Custom Racing Banner 13oz Vinyl

Starting at $12.00

13oz Vinyl Custom Racing Banner.

Water proof and UV safe.  Custom made and super durable to withstand outdoor or indoor application.  High resolution, digitally printed with the brightest inks in the industry.



We will work with you directly to help you get a 100% custom package designed that is totally for you, totally yours and totally unique!

Custom Racing Banner 13oz Vinyl - Since 2005

Made with the best outdoor 13oz vinyl in the industry and printed with the brightest inks in the world.

Built for the toughest athletes on the planet.  Our racing banners are engineered from many years of racer feedback to provide the best outdoor product.

  • Highest Quality Inks.  The brightest in the industry.
  • 13 oz super durable vinyl.
  • No minimum order quantities.
  • Single-Sided single piece maximum size 10’ x 145’ w/o pocket and 9.5’ x 145’ w/ pocket ; Double-Sided banners maximum size 9.5’ x 145.
  • Oversized banners will be welded together (Double-Sided Banners are not available oversized)
  • High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
  • Indoor and outdoor use, waterproof and UV safe

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3ft. x 2ft., 3ft. x 4ft., 3ft. x 6ft., 3ft. x 8ft., 3ft. x 10ft., 4ft. x 2ft., 4ft. x 6ft., 4ft. x 8ft., 4ft. x 10ft., 5ft. x 3ft., 6ft. x 2ft., 6ft. x 4ft., 8ft. x 2ft., 8ft. x 8ft., 8ft. x 10ft., 10ft. x 4ft., 10ft. x 10ft., 10ft. x 15ft.