10 x 10

Custom Printed Racing Tents

Designed for racers, by racers.  Trusted by 1,000’s of racers around the world to provide high quality racing designs with the brightest colors and unlimited design revisions for the best looking tent at the race track.

10 x 15

Custom Printed
Racing Tents

10 x 20

Custom Printed
Racing Tents


custom motocross mx pit tent canopy hill

All racers should be treated like a Pro, feel like a Pro and look like a Pro.

Every racer dreams to have a factory ride, at MyRaceNumber it is our job to provide you with that experience.  We are here to treat you like a Pro, make you look like a Pro and to pump your tires up so that the world knows how awesome you are!

Your Very Own Professional Design!

We offer UNLIMITED design iterations and allow you to put as many logos, colors and information on your custom tent as you want to.  Our personalized designs are made by racers (we don’t design popsicle stands for a living!), so you are guaranteed to have the best looking tent at the track.

We are Your Biggest Fan!

We will treat you like a Pro, 100% of the way.  You are as important as any other racer in the world and deserve the best service, products and our full attention.

You Will Look Like a Factory Rider!

Our custom racing tents are designed to compete with the biggest race teams on the planet.  Our state of the art printer equipment and bright inks are the same or better than any Pro outfit that you will see at the track.  This ain’t no Mom & Pop shop, our products are Engineered to be beat up and abused by the toughest athletes on the planet.

Totally You.  Totally Yours. Totally Unique.

Kick it up a notch! Show the crowd what you're all about with professional custom tent package and jerseys.