Custom Motocross MX Jersey Lettering


World Famous MX Lettering – Trusted by 1,000’s of Motocross Racers since 2005.


Since 2005, we have been the Industry Leaders for custom motocross mx jersey lettering! We pioneered online jersey designing.  Nobody personalizes more jerseys than MyRaceNumber!  Thousands of motocross racers from all over the world count on us to personalize their racing jerseys at the lowest prices and with the most durable material on the market! Our material is guaranteed to last and is built to be beat up and abused by the toughest athletes on the planet!


Professional Premium Lettering


  • This is our thickest lettering!
  • Super durable our original product.
  • Get your motocross mx jersey with your name and number.
  • Add sponsor logos, team names and more..

Our Brand Promises

Why choose MyRaceNumber?

  • Durability – our lettering is engineered to be beat-up and abused by the toughest athletes on the planet.
  • Designs – we offer more design options and more color choices than anyone.
  • Guaranteed – we stand behind our products, 100%.  Trusted by 1,000s of racers around the world.
  • Service – we are family owned small company.  My wife and I carefully handle each and every order, unlike the massive box stores.  We do it in-house with love for our customers.  Our goal is to create customers for life and customers that only come to MyRaceNumber to get their jerseys lettered.

Printed Lightweight Lettering Kit


  • Our lightest jersey lettering that is printed.
  • Send your jersey to us to install OR you can install it.
  • Add sponsor logos to your mx jersey.

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee.

Our material will not crack, fade or peel.  We have selected the finest materials and dialed in our process settings to ensure that your lettering and jersey is the best looking on the track for many races and years.  Tested and trusted by 1,000s of racers around the world.

Our goal is to keep customers for a lifetime.  We can only do that with offering a better product than anyone else, we build trust.  Many of our customers choose MyRaceNumber to letter their jerseys every single year.

If you haven’t tried our lettering yet, give us a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Send Us Your Jersey

Send us your jersey!

We will take good care of your jersey.  Let the professionals add lettering to your jersey with our perfect process recipe to ensure it lasts!  Our processes were designed by a professional engineer, guaranteed not to fade crack or peel.

Your jersey will be in good hands!

Add Sponsor Logos to Your Jersey

Add sponsor logos to your mx jersey.  Send us the files and we can add them to your jersey.