2017 Daytona Supercross Race Results

2017 daytona supercross results

2017 Daytona Supercross Race Results

Race Summary:

Daytona Florida – Round 10 of the AMA Monster Energy Supercross.

As we know, Daytona seems to be the race where the championship starts.  At this point, racers are starting to settle in to the pecking order, points are established and momentum can start to be felt and seen.

The track was brilliantly designed by Ricky Carmichael, the GOAT.  Ricky even did some laps for the fans.  Don’t be fooled by his big belly, he is still fast!

The track was in true historic form, deep ruts, deep sand and a mix of supercross and motocross conditions.  This is what makes Daytona so great and the toughest victory of the year.  The riders fitness or lack-thereof will be exposed.

Ken Roczen was interviewed to provide the fans with an update.  He is going to have his 10th surgery on Monday the 13th.  The damage to his arm and wrist is massive, cartilage replacement / grafting and a long road to recovery. His spirits are high and hopeful, but his future is still uncertain until he gets through the surgeries, regardless of his spirits.  We all hope that he can recover and it is outstanding to see his will stay strong.  Please pray for young Ken Roczen if you are a prayer warrior.

As for the event, it was probably the best of the season.  Good passing allowed in the track design, fast and a mix of huge jumps, fast corners, etc.  I can only hope to take my son and family to this epic event in the future.  On my bucket list, for sure.


2017 Daytona Supercross Race Results – 

Rider news & Updates:

  • Cooper Webb is out for the season with a shoulder injury.
  • Ken Roczen is out for the season.  He has had 9 surgeries so far and unsure if more are required.
  • Colt Nichols is out with a knee injury for the season

Race Story:

450 Race Notes & Story:

The start of the main included a bit of drama.  On the far right hand of the gate, a rider appeared to jump it and Dungey got hung up as a result.  Dungey would start out in 17th and was forced to fight for every single position and point to the bitter end.  At a track like Daytona, comebacks are not easy, but the Champ rode like a champ to fight his way back to 5th.  He appeared to be very frustrated at the end, throwing his goggles down.  This guy no doubt has a fire inside of him, wanting to win.

Eli Tomac would take the win with a massive 17 second lead over Martin.  The rookie Martin on the Honda team held a lead for 10 laps, but could not hold on forever.  Tomac rode smart, was patient and took over.

Anderson was solid, wound up in 3rd and on the podium.

Great racing, if you did not get a chance to watch the race it would be a good one to find and watch.

250 Race Notes & Story:

Adam Cianciarulo, the local boy, would take the holeshot and checkout.  Savatgy would trail him in second the entire race just 1 second off of Adam’s pace.

It was great to see Adam with a victory.  He has been out for 2 seasons and was a super caliber youth that was ready to set the world on fire,.  He no doubt has the skills and needed a race like Daytona to get momentum going.

2017 Daytona – Round 10 – Supercross Race Results

Monster Energy Supercross Daytona Supercross March 11th, 2017

1. Eli Tomac…(Kaw)
2. Jeremy Martin…(Hon)
3. Jason Anderson…(Hus)
4. Ryan Dungey…(KTM)
5. Cole Seely…(Hon)
6. Chad Reed…(Yam)
7. Blake Baggett…(KTM)
8. Josh Grant…(Kaw)
9. Justin Brayton…(Hon)
10. Mike Alessi…(Hon)
11. Justin Barcia…(Suz)
12. Davi Millsaps…(KTM)
13. Dean Wilson…(Hus)
14. Broc Tickle…(Suz)
15. Marvin Musquin…(KTM)
16. Malcolm Stewart…(Suz)
17. Jake Weimer…(Suz)
18. Kyle Chisholm…(Hon)
19. Vince Friese…(Hon)
20. Nick Schmidt …(Suz)
21. A.J. Catanzaro…(Kaw)
22. Scott Champion…(Yam)

(after 11 of 17 events)
1. Ryan Dungey…214
2. Eli Tomac…197
3. Cole Seely…169
4. Marvin Musquin…163
5. Jason Anderson…143
6. Davi Millsaps…121
7. Chad Reed…116
8. Blake Baggett…113
9. Dean Wilson…105
10. Broc Tickle…103


1. Adam Cianciarulo…(Kaw)
2. Joey Savatgy…(Kaw)
3. Dylan Ferrandis …(Yam)
4. Jordon Smith… (KTM)
5. Zach Osborne…(Hus)
6. Lorenzo Locurcio…(Yam)
7. Kyle Cunningham…(Suz)
8. Alex Martin…(KTM)
9. Luke Renzland…(Yam)
10. Dakota Alix…(KTM)
11. Gannon Audette…(Kaw)
12. Anthony Rodriguez…(Yam)
13. Cole Thompson…(KTM)
14. Christian Craig…(Hon)
15. Jesse Wentland…(Hon)
16. Fredrik Noren…(Hon)
17. Josh Cartwright…(Yam)
18. Tony Archer…(Hon)
19. Jerry Robin…(Yam)
20. Dylan Merriam…(Yam)
21. Kyle Swanson…(Kaw)
22. Mitchell Harrison…(Yam)


(after 4 of 9 events)
1. Zach Osborne…86
2. Joey Savatgy…80
3. Adam Cianciarulo…77
4. Jordon Smith…70
5. Dylan Ferrandis…54
6. Colt Nichols…49
7. Luke Renzland…43
8. Alex Martin…42
9. Kyle Peters…37
10. Christian Craig…36


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