Motocross Jerseys 101 – How to Select the Right One for You!

Motocross Jerseys believe it or not have many different options that provide both creature comfort qualities and protective qualities.  Below is a list of attributes that you should pay attention to while selecting the jersey that will best suit you.

1) Vented or Non-Vented: Depending on the conditions of the day that you are riding you may want to consider the following:

Vented – Most jerseys provide some sort of ventilation, but some in particular provide maximum ventilation with a large open mesh.  The open mesh styles are invaluable for hot or extremely humid days when it is critical to allow your body to be the heat exchanger that it was designed to be.  Allowing your body to dissipate heat efficiently is by far one of the most effective means of staying cool.

Non-Vented – For the non-vented jerseys, a large percentage of jerseys are made out of moisture wicking polyester blended fabric that help to take the moisture away from your body and dry quickly on the fabric.  Unlike the old days when cotton was popular and held the moisture in and made you feel like you were wearing a giant absorbant diaper, the new styles with the polyester are comfortable and serve a great purpose.

2) Padded Elbows or No Padding:  Don’t be fooled by thinking you will protect your elbows with a small piece of foam in the elbow area, if you want real protection make sure to invest in a set of elbow guards.  Most elbow padded jerseys tend to fit a bit awkward as well since the padding is a bit heavier and bulkier than any other area and causes sagging and does not promote a nice form fitting feel.

3) V-Neck vs Crew Neck:  Depending on the conditions or preference you may want to consider the following:

V-Neck – provides a nice open feel and allows for better cooling and ventilation during hot days.

Crew Neck – provides extra barrier of protection in conditions where brush and tree branches may have the ability to scuff your neck and also are warmer during colder conditions.  They do fit tight though, so if you are the type that does not like to wear a tie or that does not like tight fitting clothing articles about the neck area then this is definitely not an option for you.

4) Cuff less vs Cuffed Sleeves – If you like a more loose feel around your gloves and don’t mind a bit of dirt up your sleeve then a cuff less option is for you.  It also allows those with sweaty arms to have a better opportunity for the ventilation to keep your arms and hands drier.  The cuffed option is ideal for racers that wear a watch or prefer a more form fitting feel.

5) Dye Sublimated Inked Jerseys – This is an ink that almost all manufacturers now use when dying their jerseys.  The colors last and the graphic capabilities are fantastic and more creative than ever.  The equipment and new processes are more capable and more efficient than ever.

6) Extended Tail with Traction – Some jerseys offer an extended tail with some sort of tacky material that helps prevent your jersey from becoming un-tucked during a race.  This feature is nice for long rides or for those that have a problem with their jerseys coming un-tucked frequently.

7) Sizing -Most jerseys that are modern tend to fit like a standard t-shirt size and most fit fairly similar.  Some are more form fitting than others, but to be safe as a rule of thumb when ordering online to stay close to what you would choose when purchasing a t-shirt.

8) Custom LetteringBeware of those who sell “printed” lettering because it does not last and tends to fade or peel after only a few washes.  Nothing is more durable than a vinyl product, so do not be fooled by those that advertise a printed product that is built to last.  Motocross jerseys are not cheap and you want to make sure to protect your investment, so be sure to ask if they are using a printed process, because you may not be happy when the lettering starts to peel off or the color fades after only a few washes!  Nothing beats vinyl lettering, especially in an application like motocross racing where abrasive dirt and rough handling can’t be avoided.  If you want the best lettering in the industry that you can count on, trust only the industry experts – with their “World Famous Jersey Lettering.”

Hopefully this Motocross Jersey 101 course has been helpful and has given you some ideas as to what to look for when purchasing the right dirt bike jersey for yourself.

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