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October 10, 2011

Million Dollar Supercross Monster Energy Cup Las Vegas 2011

By Jon Dreher

RESULTS of the Million Dollar Supercross on October 15th, 2011 - The Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas Nevada


The promoters probably thought that it couldn't be done and that the odds were comfortably in their favor.  Giving out $1 million to a racer as a prize, no way, right?  Wrong, Villopoto showed up and got the job done at a tough track, a 3 moto format and against the best in the world.  Most racers were talking smack about it and dreaming big about it, but Villopoto did it!  This kid has had an amazing year, winning the Supercross Championship, Outdoor Motocross Championship, Motocross Des Nations and now the $1 million prize for the biggest prize purse ever!  Seriously?  As a racer, it doesnt get any sweeter.

The track was amazing, the jumps were enormous, the straightaways were long, there was loose dirt and hard pack dirt.  Riders came out with some huge enthusiasm and were hungry for that $1 million dollar prize, bu Ryan Villopoto wanted it the most.  He clobbered the competition with complete domination!  Pulling a huge lead in the first of the 3 moto format.

Ryan Dungey looked good on his new KTM orange machine and pulled out a solid 2nd place finish.  He looked comfortable after only riding the bike for the past 8 days.  It was a good chance for him and his team to get things dialed in before the supercross race in Anaheim in January.  The bike looked fast, but seemed to buck him a bit.

Brett Metcalf also looked solid last night and comfortable on his Suzuki.  Ryan Dungey was able to pass him after a good long battle in the qualifying moto.

Kevin Windham had nothing but horrible luck.  He was a favored winner, but with bad qualifiers he was left without much of a chance.  He had to go all of the way to the LCQ to get into the main event.

Mike Allessi looked good aboard his privateer Suzuki.  He tried hard and looked good at the beginning of each race, but stamina or something seemed to get the best of him.  If he could keep up the pace for longer, he would be a contender.  He crashed hard in practice, which would probably explain a bit of the timidness.

No Chad Reed or James Stewart.  This took away from the excitement of the race.  James Stewart is still struggling with the reformation of his team and Chad Reed said that he was in need of a break after a long season with so much on his plate relative to his young family and new race team.

Nick Wey showed up in a black van!  No big rig for Nick Wey this year as he is "Going back to his Roots".  He is aboard a KX450 and won the semi that he participated in.  Looks good on that green bike with some sweet looking MSR gear.

Riders had some great looking jersey lettering out there, which MyRaceNumber will soon be offering to the public.  The Gold Glitter, Silver and other metallic colors will soon be offered at MyRaceNumber - home of "World Famous Jersey ID Lettering" - just like the pros!

Results for race:

1st = Ryan Villopoto 1, 1, 1

2nd = Ryan Dungey 3, 2, 2

3rd = Brett Metcalfe 4, 3, 3

4th = Martin Davolous 7, 7, 5

5th = Eli Tomac 5, 4, 10

6th = Kyle Chisolm 9, 9, 7

7th = Nick Wey 14, 11, 4

8th = Jimmy Alberston

9th = Jake Weimer

10th = Mike Allessi




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