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Our story - My Race Number, a family owned and managed company, since 2006

Most of us that race have had the same race number for many years and througout those years that number has become a personal identity that many friends and family members know you by.  I have had "My Race Number" for 25 years and this number "834" has been a part of my life and identity since I was in the 4th grade.  Whether I am at work, out on the town, with friends or playing a different sport, this is a part of me that never fades as an individual and competitor - a racer for life.

About 5 years ago, my wife and I started this business with nothing.  Not knowing anything about making shirts, jersey or pant patches.  One day after a practice at a local motocross track in Michigan, I decided to remove the front number plate background off of my 2003 KX125 and paste it on the rear windshield of my old red Ford F150 pickup truck.  After staring at it for a moment, I had an idea to build a powerful website to offer every racer in any sport the ability to keep their race number with them at all times, on clothes, on their bike, truck, or wherever.  Products have always been available with a Pro Racer's name and number on it, but why not offer racers and their friends and family the ability to wear their own race number!

I was fortunate enough that my career up to that point consisted of developing efficient and robust manufacturing processes as an Engineer in both the Automotive and Aerospace industry.  This enabled me to develop a high quality product and an efficient process that would make single piece orders affordable to the public.  Jersey lettering and other custom products have always been expensive and hard to find, so I wanted to offer products that were both affordable and readily available through a powerful website.  I was sick of spending over $50 on jersey lettering and getting a product that faded or peeled after only a few washes and ruined a $50 jersey.  I focused on developing a solid process with high quality materials, which is what we are known for today!

Additionally, I was surrounded by a great support crew, my wife Kelly has been right here by my side supporting this dream from day one and chances are that when you call our main line, she will be the one answering.  I was also blessed to have been introduced to a genius website programmer that to this day has single handedly written all of the code and produced this powerful website all by himself, his name is Dave and no you can not have his contact information because he is all mine...LOL!  Seriously though, everything that you see on this website is not a result of a huge IT staff and support crew, this is the direct result of the hardwork of myself and Dave, everything from the designs to the functionality.  This site was built with pure passion and a dream, not with a bankfull of money, no big private investors, just pure hard work!

After developing this site, I wasn't sure where to begin, how to market it, who to sponsor, just where to start?  So, I called Dirt Rider magazine one day back in 2008 and asked them how much it would be to take an ad out?  While on the phone with one of the editors, he asked for the website address and I told him and after that he paused - while looking it up on his pc - and said... "Jon, this site is awesome and unique, I have never seen anything like this before, would you be interested in having us put one of your products in our Gear Bag section?"..... at that moment, I was speechless, the feeling doesn't get much better than a reaction like that as a new business owner, a green young entreprenuer.... and the rest is history, that issue hit the stands in December of 2008 and watching the orders come in from various states was one of the best feelings of accomplishments that I have ever felt in my life!

Since then, we have developed relationships with thousands of racers (from pro racers to begginer amaturers) and families from around the world and have personalized thousands of jerseys and custom products for racers of all types including, snowmobile racers, bmx racers, motocross racers, enduro, hare scramblers, car racers, and the list goes on!  Many of which are now friends and very loyal repeat customers - if any of you are reading this, we want to say thank you for all of your support and loyalty!

To this day, we work with a small staff and continuously work hard to build this business and this dream.  We are not perfect, but we try our hardest and we promise to remain a family focused, customer oriented business .  Thank you for taking the time to read this long storty about how we got started and my wife Kelly and partner Dave hope that you will enjoy our products and maybe we will see you at the races one day!

Kind and Warmest Regards,

Jon Dreher #834, Kelly Dreher and Dave!

See pictures below of our family and our crew!



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